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The Common Thread meetings are on the first Thursday of every month starting at 7pm at Plymouth Church on the corner of 42nd and Ingersoll, Des Moines, in the Waveland Hall. Our meetings are free and open to anyone and everyone interested in alternative spirituality!

I’m fascinated by our presenter, Cathy Jensen, who is a Thanatologist and author.   She will be presenting a workshop that she describes below.     So I had to look up the meaning of Thanatology.   The dictionary describes Thanatology as this…

[ˌTHanəˈtäləjē] NOUN
the scientific study of death and the practices associated with it, including the study of the needs of the terminally ill and their families.

Intriguing??!!!  This should be a fascinating evening!

Workshop: On the Importance of Collaborating with the Dead

Facilitated by Thanatologist and Author Cathy Jensen.

The workshop begins with a look at how unconsciously inherited beliefs restrict our responses to new experiences. Interactive exercises are then used to bring participants’ previously unexamined beliefs about death into conscious awareness. Next, “unusual personal experiences” are shared – speaking to one person at a time and at a fast pace. Discussing the suggestion that the use of reason, sense, and intellect to recognize and understand after-death communication is a sure method of evolving consciousness, closes the workshop.


Cathy Jensen holds a Masters Degree in Theoretical Linguistics from the University of Iowa where she taught English as a Second Language until awarded a Fulbright Lecture Award to the University of Los Andes (ULA) in Merida, Venezuela. She later left ULA to open “The Iowa Institute,” a school for learning English and Spanish. And there she stayed for 18 years, happy as a clam, until July 2, 2010 … the day her only child Aaron died of sudden cardiac arrest.
Never having taken the time to investigate death, Cathy found herself in a grief-stricken immersion course, struggling mightily to understand experiences with Aaron after his passing. Using reason, sense, and intellect to investigate these after-death communications, she was led to a realization: not only do our Western beliefs about death cripple our understanding of Life, but those same beliefs prevent a collaboration between those we call the living and those we call the dead that is vitally important to both.
On Aaron’s birthday in 2018, she and her husband Alejo Sánchez created the Aaron Schaffer Jensen Family Foundation ( “To bridge the gap between belief and knowledge to motive YOU to acquire truth about death.”
As part of Mission 7255, Cathy has written Finding Aaron, a spiritual practice beyond belief. Interweaving stories of after-death communication with the science that demonstrates why these stories are important, the book offers readers directives/instructions for getting beyond their own beliefs to allow for the experience that life continues beyond death. She speaks at a variety of venues, offers workshops and small-group discussion opportunities, and a 5-part lecture-series titled, “The (not so) Secret Key to the Theory of Evolution.”

Cathy Jensens pic of aaron and betty 2009

Cathy Jensens 1 key page vii ok


Cathy J. Jensen, B.G.S., M.A.

Co-founder of the Aaron Schaffer Jensen Family Foundation
and author of Finding Aaron: a spiritual practice beyond belief.
email: &


About Common Thread

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